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George Solomon January 2018 Column
  • George Solomon writes about the relationships between the teams and reporters who cover them.

George Solomon on The Athletic
  • In January, The Athletic will celebrate its second anniversary, providing sports readers in eight U.S. cities and seven Canadian cities local coverage – plus a national reach – in direct competition with local newspapers and national websites.

George Solomon’s Fall 2017 Column
  • George Solomon’s Fall 2017 Column

2017 Wrap by Director George Solomon
  • Our annual wrap-up of the school year is here.

Legendary Sports Writers of the Golden Age Review
  • Although Congdon’s book is ostensibly about the writing of four giants of sports journalism–Grantland Rice, Red Smith, Shirley Povich and W.C. Heinz—the scope is really far broader.

2017 Hockey Project – Coverage of Superstars
  • Kyle Morel examined the coverage of NHL Superstars in comparison to other sports for the 2017 Povich Center Hockey Project.

More From Our Students

JOUR 328B Website Excerpts
  • George Solomon’s Fall 2017 JOUR328 class was tasked with creating and editing two websites through the semester.

Dylan Sinn at the APSE Conference
  • Dylan Sinn attends the APSE Conference in New Orleans.

Friendship Games Highlights
  • Alex Flum, Monica McNutt and Hannah Yasharoff traveled to Eilat, Israel to cover the 12th annual Friendship Games. This is a summary of their coverage.

Friendship Games Shows Real Potential for Peace
  • Retired Jordanian general and former Israeli sports leader show Friendship Games’ potential for peace.

Friendship Games – Tuesday Highlights
  • Three critical games Tuesday set up Wednesday’s men’s and women’s finals in the 12th annual Friendship Games basketball tournament.

Friendship Games – Monday Highlights
  • Monday was the only day of the Friendship Games’ itinerary that did not include basketball games.

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