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2017 Wrap by Director George Solomon
  • Our annual wrap-up of the school year is here.

Legendary Sports Writers of the Golden Age Review
  • Although Congdon’s book is ostensibly about the writing of four giants of sports journalism–Grantland Rice, Red Smith, Shirley Povich and W.C. Heinz—the scope is really far broader.

2017 Hockey Project – Coverage of Superstars
  • Kyle Morel examined the coverage of NHL Superstars in comparison to other sports for the 2017 Povich Center Hockey Project.

George Solomon’s March Column
  • Sportswriters, columnists, bloggers and Tweeters, are quick and often encouraged by their supervisors to offer their views and politics and issues outside the lines.

Review: OJ: Made in America
  • In ESPN’s “O.J.: Made in America,” a blurring of lines between an individual’s story and societal issues

George Solomon on African American Scribes
  • After a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, George Solomon writes about the dearth of African Americans in the business.

More From Our Students

Dylan Sinn at the APSE Conference
  • Dylan Sinn attends the APSE Conference in New Orleans.

Friendship Games Highlights
  • Alex Flum, Monica McNutt and Hannah Yasharoff traveled to Eilat, Israel to cover the 12th annual Friendship Games. This is a summary of their coverage.

Friendship Games Shows Real Potential for Peace
  • Retired Jordanian general and former Israeli sports leader show Friendship Games’ potential for peace.

Friendship Games – Tuesday Highlights
  • Three critical games Tuesday set up Wednesday’s men’s and women’s finals in the 12th annual Friendship Games basketball tournament.

Friendship Games – Monday Highlights
  • Monday was the only day of the Friendship Games’ itinerary that did not include basketball games.

Friendship Games – Sunday Highlights
  • Sunday Highlights from the Friendship Games

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