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George Solomon January 2018 Column
  • George Solomon writes about the relationships between the teams and reporters who cover them.

George Solomon on The Athletic
  • In January, The Athletic will celebrate its second anniversary, providing sports readers in eight U.S. cities and seven Canadian cities local coverage – plus a national reach – in direct competition with local newspapers and national websites.

George Solomon’s Fall 2017 Column
  • George Solomon’s Fall 2017 Column

2017 Wrap by Director George Solomon
  • Our annual wrap-up of the school year is here.

Legendary Sports Writers of the Golden Age Review
  • Although Congdon’s book is ostensibly about the writing of four giants of sports journalism–Grantland Rice, Red Smith, Shirley Povich and W.C. Heinz—the scope is really far broader.

2017 Hockey Project – Coverage of Superstars
  • Kyle Morel examined the coverage of NHL Superstars in comparison to other sports for the 2017 Povich Center Hockey Project.

More From Our Students

Hockey Night in Canada: A Brief History
  • Over its 66-year history as a television program, Hockey Night in Canada has become a staple of the Canadian TV diet, the go-to Saturday night program highlighting the best of Canada’s national pastime.

Hockey: Voices of the Game
  • Ice hockey is a tough game to announce. Here are 10 of the play-by-play commentators and color analysts in today’s NHL who best display what hockey broadcasting can do.

Tisha Thompson Recommends not Following the Pack
  • Thompson was the guest speaker for a Povich Center event where she talked about her recent experience with Tom Izzo and the rest of the Michigan State University scandal as well as her work as an investigative journalist.

Kyle Melnick’s Super Bowl Experience
  • Having the opportunity to develop bonds with players is just one of the factors that made Kyle’s week at the Super Bowl one of the most valuable experiences of his life.

Eagles Win First Ever Super Bowl
  • The Eagles again stopped the Patriots on their final possession to seal the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl with a 41-33 victory.

Super Bowl Preview
  • On Sunday at 6:30 p.m., Tom Brady will look to continue his own and the Patriots’ legacy and Nick Foles is hoping to guide the Eagles to their first-ever Super Bowl while proving himself as a starter.

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