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George Solomon: A Year in Review
  • Povich Center Director George Solomon reviews 2015 and looks to what’s next.

Daily Roundup: December 1
  • Your quick hits for Feb. 8: From the Denver paper of record: Denver’s defense was the key to it’s Super Bowl win. From the Carolina paper of record: Cam Newton and the Panthers could not stop the Broncos who just kept coming. Von Miller and the Broncos broke Cam Newton. Peyton Manning didn’t need to be [...]

Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter at the Xfinity Center
  • Between coach and player interviews, vignettes about various aspects of the University, old footage from the last time Maryland traded baskets with Georgetown and fan interaction; it could be said that there has never been any other hour of television filled with so much Maryland Pride in history.

Scott Van Pelt @ Merrill College
  • Merrill College hosted a journalism-only event with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt in Knight Hall the afternoon of Nov. 17. Van Pelt – who is a Terp – hosted his popular SportsCenter show after the Maryland-Georgetown basketball game that evening.

Povich Symposium: Sportswriting Then & Now
  • Panelists gathered for the Shirley Povich symposium agreed that the decline of daily beat reporting and accountability and the rise of criticism from remote locations are among the biggest changes in the field of sportswriting Tuesday.

George Solomon at the Washington Post
  • Ryan Glasspiegel from The Big Lead wrote a piece about our Director George Solomon’s tenure at the Washington Post sports section which continues to influence the world of sports media today.

More From Our Students

Ten Years of Celebrating Shirley Povich at Maryland
  • Each fall, the Povich Center and the Merrill College welcome large audiences to participate in the annual Povich Symposium, named after Shirley Povich, an award winning Washington Post sports reporter and columnist for 75 years.

A Sense of Community at Povich Field
  • In the mid-’90’s when Bruce Adams came up with the idea of creating a local collegiate summer baseball team, he knew he was taking a gamble. Sixteen years later, Povich Field and the Bethesda Big Train are thriving.

Maryland Students Gain Real-World Skills with BTN2Go
  • The University of Maryland’s first year in the Big Ten was a successful one— not only for College Park’s student-athletes, but also for the student journalists who gained valuable and professional broadcast experience working with BTN2Go.

International NBA Playoffs Coverage
  • Basketball is an international sport, arguably one of the most widely played sport in the world and growing all the time. Media coverage of the National Basketball Association continues to grow, especially during the playoffs.

Tim Brant: A Helluva Ride
  • At the end of May, the remaining pillar of Washington D.C.’s TV sportscaster trifecta (Brant, WRC’s George Michael and WUSA’s Glenn Brenner) left his longtime role with WJLA-TV after more than 40 years of service to his hometown.

AWSM Experience in Mile High
  • Marissa Morris reports back from her weekend in Denver at the Association for Women in Sports Media Convention.

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