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Movie Review: Pond Hockey
  • This documentary truly keys in on the cultural importance of pond hockey and offers a new perspective on hockey and the appreciation for the game for those of us who have yet to experience an outdoor game.

Povich Center Year in Review
  • As 2015 is beginning, we’d like to take a quick look back at 2014. In the past year, the Center has attempted to assist in the growth of students and graduates of the Merrill College and enlighten the community in the vital sports issues of the day.

John Schulian’s Football Anthology
  • Compiled by John Schulian, a longtime writer himself, Football: Great writing about the National Sport is an intriguing collection.

Coverage of Northwestern Unionization Attempt
  • A study for the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism examined media coverage of Northwestern players’ attempt to unionize, with a specific focus on how both the unionizing players and college sports establishment were framed.

Racism in Sports: How Far Have We Really Come?
  • The ninth-annual Shirley Povich Symposium tackled the issue of racism in sports Tuesday night at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center at the University of Maryland.

George Solomon on Ben Bradlee
  • “To Bradlee, a good sports scoop, or well-written sports column, feature or investigative report, was as important as one of Bob Woodward’s bombshells. At least he made you feel that way.”"

More From Our Students

AWSM Experience in Mile High
  • Marissa Morris reports back from her weekend in Denver at the Association for Women in Sports Media Convention.

Assessing the Impact of Internet on Hockey Coverage
  • The NHL has taken advantage of the digital age to expand and revolutionize the way the game is presented and delivered to its current and prospective fan bases.

Journey to the Tourney: Behind the Scenes with BTN
  • Elia Powers goes behind-the-scenes with the men and women who work on the Big Ten Network’s documentary series “The Journey,” which this year, for the first time, included the University of Maryland.

The Player’s Tribune Takes On Sports Media
  • The Players’ Tribune, which Jeter founded in October, publishes first-person essays with athletes’ bylines attached to them. The Tribune doesn’t have reporters covering beats or even a specific set of topics it tends to on.

Article Review: US Soccer Turning to Overlooked Youth
  • The article in Sports Illustrated called “US Soccer Turning to Overlooked Youth to Discover Next Wave of Talent” by Stanley Kay brings to light an important issue occurring in youth soccer recruitment in the United States (Kay, 2014).

The Future of the Sports Page
  • Students in a Merrill College Sports Reporting class were asked to describe the sports page of the future as part of their final in December 2014. We were so impressed by their answers, we decided to compile them here.

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