Careers, Coverage, and Consequences Schedule


Feb 13, 2018

Women, Sports and Media: Coverage, Careers, Consequences

April 20th, 2018

 8:00AM        Registration Opens / Breakfast Served

 8:45              Welcome Remarks

9am               Opening Panel: Current Landscape for Women Sports Journalists (w/ 5-10 minute Q&A)

9:45               CHERYL COOKY Keynote

 10:35            Transition

 10:45           Research Presentations (two simultaneous sessions)

                      12-minute presentations followed by moderated Q&A. (Moderated by UMD PhD )

Presentations will be grouped by general topic. Many will be Powerpoint.

Topics will be shared with attendees in advance and they will choose which to attend.

 Noon             Transition & Lunch

12:45PM      CLAIRE SMITH Keynote

1:35                Transition

1:45                Research Presentations (two simultaneous sessions)

                        Moderated by UMD PhD students

3:15                Transition

3:30              Panel – Athlete Coverage: Then and Now  (with 5-10 min Q&A)

4:15                Break (WITH POPCORN, SNACKS, WINE)

4:35               Film Excerpt Screening: “Let them Wear Towels” (15 min)

Post Film Discussion: Life in the Locker Room

5:30               Q&A Discussion: What we learned / Moving forward

                        Moderators: ELLE DUNCAN & KEVIN BLACKISTONE

6PM              Wrap-up & thank you


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