Women, Sports and Media conference schedule


Feb 13, 2018

Women, Sports and Media: Coverage, Careers, Consequences

Hosted by the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism and espnW

At Knight Hall on the University of Maryland campus

April 19, 2018

6:30PM: Opening Reception at MilkBoy ArtHouse in downtown College Park

Kevin Merida – Editor-in-chief, ESPN’s The Undefeated
Kevin Blackistone – Professor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism
Terry Taylor – Former sports editor, The Associated Press

April 20, 2018

 8:00AM: Registration Opens / Breakfast Served

 8:45: Welcoming Remarks

Elle Duncan – Anchor, ESPN’s SportsCenter
Lynn Povich – Journalist and author
Laura Gentile – Senior vice president, espnW
Lucy Dalglish – Dean, Philip Merrill College of Journalism

9:00: Panel: The Current Landscape for Women Sports Journalists

Alison Overholt (moderator) – Editor-in-chief, espnW and ESPN The Magazine
Christine Brennan – Sports columnist, USA TODAY
Liz Clarke – Sports reporter, The Washington Post
Molly Solomon – Executive producer, Golf Channel
Erin Whiteside – Associate professor, University of Tennessee

9:45: Keynote: Cheryl Cooky – Associate professor, Purdue University

10:45: Research Presentations (Choose from two simultaneous sessions)

The Bodies of Women Sportscasters and Athletes

  • Molly Yanity, Quinnipiac University: “‘Are We There Yet?’: Continuing to Ask the Question for Women in Sports Media Careers – A Longitudinal Study”
  • Guy Harrison, Youngstown State: “Hoochie-Mama Dresses and Pop-Quizzes: A Feminist Standpoint Analysis of Discourse, Double Standards, and the American Female Sportscaster”
  • Robin Hardin, University of Tennessee; Elizabeth Taylor, Temple University; Elizabeth Gregg, University of North Florida: “Too Sexy for My Shirt: Player Reaction to the LPGA Dress Code”
  • Toni Bruce, University of Auckland: “The Rise of the Pretty and Powerful Female Athlete: Emerging Forms of Media Representation and Possibilities for Change”

Image and Self-Image of Women Athletes

  • Sarah Wolter, Gustavus Adolphus College: “A Longitudinal Study of espnW: Slam Dunk for Female Athletes”
  • Natalie Welch, Adam Love and John Magliocca, University of Tennessee: “Media Representations of Native American Women in Sport”
  • Shannon Scovel, University of Stirling: “Women in Sports Media: A Qualitative Assessment of the Current Climate of Sports Coverage for Female Athletes”
  • Bobbie Foster, Sohana Nasrin, Graham Cullen and Sara Browning, University of Maryland: “The Image of a Roller Derby Skater: Thematic Image Analysis of the Top Three Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Teams”

 Noon: Lunch Served

12:45: Keynote: Claire Smith – News editor, ESPN

1:45: Research Presentations (Choose from two simultaneous sessions)

Career Trajectories and Identities of Women Sports Journalists

  • Gayle Brisbane, University of Colorado Boulder: “Pioneering Women in Television Sports Media: Voices of Career Trajectories and Gender Performance”
  • Dunja Antunovic, Kellee Clay and Desteny Castañeda, Bradley University: “Boy, I Really Kicked That Door Down for Women, Didn’t I?”: Narratives about about Pioneering Women in Sports Broadcasting”
  • Kate Harman, Rowan University: “‘Did You Make Joe Buck Do This?’: Katie Nolan as a Token on NFL Films Presents”
  • Anne Osborne, Syracuse University; Danielle Sarver Coombs, Kent State University; Molly Yanity, Quinnipiac University: “Fan or Storyteller: Sports Journalists Manage Fan Identity from the ‘Toy Department’”

What is Changing, What is the Potential for Change, and Who has the Power to Create Change?

  • Erin Whiteside, University of Tennessee: “Crusading for Coverage: Challenges and Opportunities for Increased Visibility of Girls and Women in Sports Media”
  • Julie Haynes, Rowan University: “Regional Identity, Gender, and the Sportscaster’s Voice: Dale Hansen as (Un)Likely Hero”
  • Kiana Tipton, University of Texas at Austin: “Power to the Public: A Case Study of Jemele Hill’s Surveillance on Twitter”
  • Megan Chawansky and Abbie Long, University of Kentucky: “Mentoring Female Sports Journalists: A Pilot Study of Aspiring Sports Journalists”

3:30: Panel: Coverage of Women Athletes: Then and Now

Raina Kelley (moderator) – Deputy editor, ESPN’s The Undefeated
Bonnie Ford – Enterprise reporter, ESPN
Monica McNutt – Sports journalist
Alyssa Roenigk – Senior writer, ESPN
Mechelle Voepel – Senior writer, espnW

4:15: Afternoon Snack Served

4:35: Film Excerpt Screening: “Let Them Wear Towels”

4:50: Post-Film Discussion: Life in the Locker Room

Bonnie Bernstein (moderator) – Sports journalist and entrepreneur
Claire Smith – News editor, espnW
Melissa Ludtke – Sports journalist and author
Beth Mowins – Sports analyst, ESPN
Juliet Macur – Sports reporter, The New York Times

5:30: Moving Forward: What We Learned

Elle Duncan – Anchor, ESPN’s SportsCenter
Kevin Blackistone – Professor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism

6:00: Closing Remarks


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