Ernie Accorsi

New York Giants former General Manager

Ernie Accorsi is the former General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts and New York Giants. Accorsi began his career as a sports reporter for the Charlotte News after serving in the Army, and later wrote for the Baltimore Sun and Philadelphia Inquirer. After working in two collegiate athletic departments, he received his first job in the NFL in 1970, when he was hired by the Baltimore Colts as their Public Relations Director. After five years in that position, he spent a year working for Pete Rozelle in the League Office before being re-hired by the Colts as an Assistant General Manager. He later served as the team’s General Manager from 1982 to 1983. In 1985, he was hired by the Browns as General Manager and Executive Vice President, a position he held until 1992. Accorsi joined the Giants as an Assistant General Manager in 1994 and was promoted to General Manager in 1998, a position he held until 2007. In his time with New York, the Giants went to one Super Bowl (XXXV), and Accorsi was responsible for bringing Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, Osi Umenyiora, and Justin Tuck to the team. Accorsi currently works as a consultant for the Carolina Panthers.