April 13: Povich Center Workshop & Jamboree


April 13: Povich Center Workshop & Jamboree
Jan 17, 2019

The Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism will host its annual Workshop and Jamboree on Saturday, April 13 in Knight Hall on the University of Maryland campus. Members of the sports media community will work with high school and college journalism students from around the region on different skill sets, including reporting, writing, editing, design, digital media, television and radio production, as well as working for a university, pro team and league.

This year’s workshop will feature the following sessions:
- Getting into the University of Maryland
- Getting the most from School
- Social Media
- Sports TV
- Columns & Features
- Covering the Beat
- Sports Radio
- Sports Photography & Design
- Working for the Team
- Let the Pros Critique Your Work
(You can view last year’s schedule here)

The workshop is free but registration is required. Register here


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