Daily Roundup: June 26

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: Meet the man responsible for scheduling the unique 2020 MLB season and find out what goes into the difficult task. The NFL canceled its Hall of Fame Game but said teams will open training camps on time, The Washington Post reports. Athletes are coming back to their sports with a question: What are the long-term effects of Covid-19? The short answer: We still don’t know, The Wall St

Daily Roundup: June 25

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: MLS and ESPN are close to finalizing the TV production details around a planned Orlando tournament, which starts July 8, The Sports Business Journal reports. As both the NBA and WNBA prepare for a return this summer, Chris Matthews, also known as “Lethal Shooter” spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Ben Pickman about how the lengthy layoff might impact shooters, what tra

Daily Roundup: June 24

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: Major League Baseball will hold Opening Day either July 23 or 24, and players will head to training camps in a week after the league and the union on Tuesday agreed on health and safety protocols that will govern the sport as it attempts to return amid the coronavirus pandemic, ESPN reports. Bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime, the FBI concluded Tuesday after completing

Daily Roundup: June 23

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: Broadcasters are wrestling with ways to work with a product that will be missing a key component: the crowd, The Athletic reports. Major League Baseball plans to hold a 60-game season that will begin around July 24 but first needs players to sign off on a health-and-safety protocol and to pledge to arrive at home stadiums by July 1 to prepare for the season, sources familiar with the

Daily Roundup: June 22

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: NASCAR officials vowed to “do everything we can” to investigate an incident in which a noose was found Sunday in the stall of Bubba Wallace’s team at Talladega Superspeedway, overshadowing Monday’s completion of the race, The Washington Post reports. At this point, it’s unclear whether any change other than a significant increase from 60 games would persuade the player

Daily Roundup: June 19

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: NFL Network and RedZone have been dropped from DISH Network and Sling TV over a distribution disagreement. USA Today‘s Dan Wolken say’s it’s time for Ole Miss to finally do away with the “Rebels” nickname. The NBA, MLS and the WNBA plan to resume their seasons in Florida next month, where coronavirus cases are rising, The New York Times reports.