Daily Roundup: Dec. 18

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: What’s wrong with the Patriots this year? The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin identifies five areas that are different about this New England team than years past. Paul George, not Russell Westbrook, will determine how far the Oklahoma City Thunder go this season, writes Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp. The Athletic’s Eno Sarris asks who will age better, Bryce Harper or Manny Mach

Daily Roundup: Dec. 17

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: Some surprising results produced a few shakeups in the NFL playoff picture in Week 15. Granted, there’s still two weeks left in the regular season, so teams that may have slipped in the bracket still have chances to reclaim spots. But with more teams eliminated from playoff contention, there’s no doubt the dust is settling. USA Today looks at the winners and losers from the weeke

Daily Roundup: Dec. 14

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: Los Angeles Rame defensive tackle Aaron Donald stands out in the league for more than just his drive, brute strength and creativity, writes The Monday Morning Quarterback’s Robert Klemko. Robert Sarver has supervised the decimation of a once-proud franchise and made millions in the process. If he’s threatening to move the Suns, the city of Phoenix should call his bluff, write

Daily Roundup: Dec. 13

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis provides an oral history of the most important deal in sports TV history, when Rupert Murdoch and Fox stole the NFL and John Madden out from under the Big Three networks, created the modern pregame show, invented a new way to see football, and launched a television empire. Andrew Luck didn’t play the entire 2017 season with an injured shoulder, and now h

Daily Roundup: Dec. 12

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: The Dodgers are hoping for a 2019 revival from former Rookie of the Year Cody Bellinger, the Los Angeles Times’ Andy McCullough writes. Can you name all the quarterbacks signed since Colin Kaepernick became a free agent? The Undefeated can. The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain looks at how Allen Robinson’s upbringing shaped his desire to give back to youth in Chicago. Fresh off a Worl

Daily Roundup: Dec. 11

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news: Following LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s final game together, LeBron reflected to ESPN on the first time he noticed Wade in college and the life-changing talk they would share in the Bahamas together nearly a decade later. Manny Machado and Bryce Harper face enormous decisions about their baseball futures, but how might state taxes steer their final free-agent decision? Sports