Daily Roundup: Dec. 13


Dec 13, 2018

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news:

  • The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis provides an oral history of the most important deal in sports TV history, when Rupert Murdoch and Fox stole the NFL and John Madden out from under the Big Three networks, created the modern pregame show, invented a new way to see football, and launched a television empire.
  • Andrew Luck didn’t play the entire 2017 season with an injured shoulder, and now his Colts are back in the playoff mix. Deshaun Watson tore an ACL in 2017, and now his Texans are atop the AFC South. Both are prime candidates for the NFL’s comeback award, Sports Illustrated’s Jonathan Jones writes.
  • Banned from the Olympic movement for sexual misconduct, these men are still coaching kids, the USA Today reports.
  • Minnesota signed Cousins to a massive deal hoping he’d be the missing piece that would carry the Vikings to a championship. He’s fallen well short of expectations, writes Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wentzel.

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