Daily Roundup: March 15


Mar 15, 2019

Here’s a recap of the latest sports news:

  • The Athletic’s Brittany Ghiroli on what no one tells you about being a MLB first-round pick. The weight of the expectations can crush you. It can leak into your personal life, your family life. It can swallow you whole.
  • USA Today’s Dan Wolken says Zion Williamson‘s return from injury was jaw-dropping and reminded us why Duke was No. 1 before he got hurt.
  • A little-known about group of current and former walk-ons, many who have never even met, boast one of the tightest bonds in college hoops. Sports Illustrated’s Jake Fischer shares their story.
  • Some good news from the college admissions cheating scandal: Those photos of a high school pole vaulter and a high school water polo player used in the fake athlete profiles? The real students actually became college athletes, ESPN’s Paula Lavigne reports.

The Daily Roundup will return March 21.

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