Daily Roundup: Nov. 1


Nov 1, 2019
This week’s mass exodus at Deadspin has many wondering about the future of the popular sports website and sports media as a whole. Here are a few takes on the situation:
  • On Monday, the journalists at the freewheeling website Deadspin were instructed by its owners to stick to sports. On Tuesday, the site’s interim editor in chief, Barry Petchesky, was fired for refusing to obey that order. On Wednesday many longtime staff members quit in protest, hurling Deadspin into chaos, The New York Times reports.
  • What is happening to Deadspin has already happened elsewhere, and not just in sports media: Trustworthy brand-name publications are being hollowed out and refilled with unpaid “community” contributors or low-paid, less experienced professionals who don’t have the stature to challenge editorial imperatives or productivity quotas that generate useless, often-inaccurate content, writes Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley.
  • Deadspin staffers resigned this week after a dispute with management. Like so many other publications, the future will bring an undead version of the site — a Mavened publication where the owners take whatever editorial line the publication was pushing and do the opposite. Simply, taking good journalism and making it bad, The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis writes.
  • Close to a dozen Deadspin writers and editors have announced their resignations or otherwise left the publication in recent days, leaving the future of the popular sports website in question and signaling the end, at least in its current form, of a brash, iconoclastic and sometimes controversial blog that grew into one of the most influential voices in sports media, writes The Washington Post’s Ben Strauss.

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