Gary Williams Visits Merrill College


Gary Williams Visits Merrill College
Feb 13, 2015

By Kofie Yeboah, Student Liaison, APSE Maryland Student Group

Gary Williams meets with students in the Povich Center. Photo by David Ottalini.

A crowd of eager students sat in Eaton Theater to hear a very special guest.

At around 6PM, former Maryland coach Gary Williams joined student members of the Associated Press Sports Editors student chapter for a slice of pizza and to answer a couple of questions before the event.

After the reception, Williams sat down with the Associated Press Sports Editors student chapter among other journalism students. The first couple of questions were geared towards his past relationships with the media. Upon being asked by co-moderator Justin Meyer, Williams talked about what the media seems to cover vs. what he thinks should be covered

“I wish the media would focus on the game,” said Williams “but they would rather be focused on [relationships of coaches and players].”

After a couple of warm-up questions the audience was able to ask their own.

An interesting question pitched to Williams was about his opinion on the tearing down of Cole Field House, the venue where he had coached most of his games.

“Cole Fieldhouse sat 14,000,” Williams reminisced “but we could get 15 in there if we bought the fire marshal a six pack and put him upstairs.”

The Field House is going to be turned into an indoor practice facility for the Maryland football team.

Williams pointed out the historical events that have transpired at Cole. Stating the historic 1966 Final Four that featured Texas Western upsetting Kentucky in the final. Texas Western of course was the first major college basketball team to place five African-Americans in the starting lineup.

While saying this, Williams also pointed out the beauty of the Xfinity Center and that Cole Field House was only losing the insides and not losing the name.

Williams also gave the crowd a tiny glimpse of how he liked to run his program. He told them that he would not like having a camera around the team. The topic was brought up because this year’s Maryland basketball team will be covered on the “Hard Knocks” type show called “The Road to March Madness.

Williams wrapped up the event with some simple but thought provoking advice.

Williams talked to the students about facing adversity, taking opportunities when presented and lastly believing in yourself.

“There’s always people willing to tell you what you can’t do.”

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