Povich Camp Day 5 Recap


Povich Camp Day 5 Recap
Jul 24, 2017

by Grant Cohen

The final session of the 2017 Shirley Povich Sports Journalism Camp on Friday left the 60 high school students with a final thought.

With a majority of the panel consisting of college students or graduates, the panel members made it clear to everyone that having good connections with people in the business is one of the most vital things they can do.

“I learned that you have to get a lot of good contacts in order to do well in the future for journalism,” camper Justin Riebman said. “I feel that if you get a lot of good contacts and names, that can help you land a lot of good jobs in the future. Like the panel was saying, get good contacts even though I’m in high school.”

Before the final session kicked off, the camp brought in an admissions representative from the University of Maryland to talk about the process of getting into the college as well as tools to enhance their applications.

Having an admissions representative talk about the school as well as hosting the camp at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism confirmed in some campers’ minds that College Park was where they wanted to be during their college years.

“This has always been my top college ever since I was in middle school,” camper Traleia McCorkle said. “Two of my sisters went here and my dad graduated from here, so it’s always been a college that I was interested in. When the admissions people came this morning, it just validated that this is going to be the college I really want to get accepted into.”

Friday was the deadline to finish up all content for the campers’ self-published websites. Stories ranging from NBA to cycling, with campers being presented the challenge of being creative with their storytelling.

For some of the campers, this was their first time creating and publishing content on the internet.

“It was my first time creating a website, so it was something new,” camper Moriah Campbell said. “I was confused at first. I didn’t know what my topic was going to be, so I was thinking and thinking and I love watching basketball and I thought, ‘why not do basketball and do my home team: the Wizards?’

“So I read over [my article] and to me, and other people reading it, it sounded pretty good. So I’m excited about presenting it today.”


“[The most rewarding experience] was meeting great people and all the great guests that George and Beth planned, it was great,” Riebman said. “Especially meeting Kevin Blackistone, my favorite sports analyst as well.”

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