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About Chuck Culpepper


By Liam Beatus

Chuck Culpepper is a sportswriter covering college football for The Washington Post. Culpepper originally grew up in Norfolk, Va., where he wrote about high school sports until he enrolled at the University of Virginia. Culpepper spent most of his days at the school newspaper, The Cavalier Daily. He would spend his junior year as assistant sports editor and sports editor in his senior year.

At Virginia, he covered saw two Final Four appearances from the men’s basketball team that included Ralph Sampson and Rick Carlisle. After a short stint at the Suffolk News-Herald, he packed up and headed to Los Angeles where he spent a majority of his time writing about golf and tennis, as well as high school sports.

Culpepper worked his way up and eventually covered Wimbledon and the British Open during his time in Los Angeles. As a bonus, he was a member of the sports team for the Herald Examiner that covered the 1988 World Series.

Following a brief stint at the National Sports Daily covering Notre Dame football, in 1991 Culpepper left for Lexington, Ky. At Kentucky, he was a columnist who covered mainly Kentucky basketball and the Triple Crown. In addition, as a lead columnist, Culpepper covered the World Series, Super Bowl, Wimbledon and a World Cup. Following a nine-year tenure in the Midwest, Culpepper returned to the Pacific Coast at The Oregonian and then Newsday on Long Island.

As someone who loved to travel, he spent the next four years abroad in London with his new husband Alfonso. Culpepper wrote a book about not knowing anything about soccer called “Bloody Soccer” where he followed the soccer club Portsmouth, in addition to following golf and tennis. After a short stint in Abu Dhabi, Culpepper wrote for Sports on Earth where he traveled across the globe in in 13 days. That was the final stop before arriving at The Washington Post.