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About Kevin Blackistone


By Felicia Houston

Kevin Blackistone was born in Prince George’s County Maryland. Blackistone is a national sports columnist, panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn, and a visiting professor at the University of Maryland.

During Blackistone’s childhood he delivered three different newspapers in the Washington D.C. area. He also enjoyed reading the newspaper and developed a love for news at a young age.

Blackistone’s father, James Blackistone, was an activist in the community, who often dealt with the media, whether he wrote a letter to newspapers or was interviewed by journalists. James Blackistone’s experience with the media also triggered Kevin Blackistone’s interest in journalism.

The first-hand exposure of journalism combined with his passion to read and write, encouraged Blackistone to pursue a career in the realm of journalism. Blackistone was certain he wanted to be a journalist by the time he was a junior in high school.

While in high school, Blackistone wrote for the school’s newspaper and took an introductory journalism course.

Blackistone attended Northwestern University in Chicago. While at Northwestern, Blackistone worked for the on-campus radio station, WNUR, where he read news leads and hosted his own jazz radio show. Blackistone also interned at Lerner Newspapers, the Chicago Reporter, and the Boston Globe during his tenure at Northwestern.

After graduating from Northwestern, Blackistone began working at the Boston Globe in 1981. While at the Boston Globe, Blackistone was offered a full scholarship to attend Boston University for graduate school. Eventually, Blackistone left the Globe to pursue a master’s degree.

Blackistone returned to the Chicago Reporter in 1983, where he reported on racial and social issues in and around Chicago.

In 1986, Blackistone moved to Dallas, Texas, where he became a reporter for the Dallas Morning News. While at The Morning News, Blackistone covered business and economics and general assignments, including Nelson Mandela’s U.S. tour.

In 1990, Blackistone was offered a sports columnist position at the Dallas Morning News. Since then, he has covered an array of sporting events such as the Olympics, the World Cup, NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, and much more.

During Blackistone’s career he has also co-authored “A Gift for Ron”, as well as academic journal articles pertaining to sports media. Blackistone has received various awards from Texas Associated Press Managing Editors, the Chicago Newspaper Guild, and National Association of Black Journalists.