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About Terry Taylor


By Joe Atmonavage

As a young girl growing up in Philadelphia, Terry Taylor can vividly remember playing sports with her cousins, listening to Pirates or Phillies games on her radio and reading local sports copy day after day. But she never thought it would turn into her career. Taylor didn’t expect to spend a lifetime in sports journalism, but the opportunities surfaced and Taylor created for herself a legendary career at the Associated Press.

Taylor began working for the AP in 1977 when she took a job in the Philadelphia bureau. There, she honed her craft and took advantage of all the different roles she was asked to play, becoming confident in whatever they needed her to do. Taylor then dreamed big. On the yearly “dream sheets” the AP handed out, a reflection of one’s work over the past year and where one sees themselves moving forward as an employee of the AP she said she wanted to work in sports at the New York headquarters of the AP.

Eventually she was offered the position and “the rest is sort of history.” She did everything at the AP from 1981-92, before becoming sports editor of the wire service in 1992—a position she held for the next 21 years.