The U: Part 2


The U: Part 2
Dec 22, 2014

By: Kofie Yeboah

The style, the swagger, the domination. The U: Part 2 is a Billy Corben directed sequel to the 2009 hit film “The U”. The U covered the team’s rise from being 5-6 in 1979 to becoming the team of the 1980’s. In the first film, the documentary outlines how the Hurricanes won 4 national championships under 3 different coaches (Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson).

What “The U: Part 2” covers, and what The U doesn’t go in detail about, is Miami’s fifth national championship. Part 2 is centered on the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. This roster consisted of numerous NFL players like Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow Jr, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Willis McGahee, Antrel Rolle, Vince Wilfork, Jonathan Vilma, Frank Gore and Ken Dorsey to name a few.

The film picks up where Part 1 left off. Miami football received punishment due to players on the earlier teams receiving impermissible benefits. The then coach, Butch Davis, was able to fight through the sanctions and turn the team into an 11-1 team by his last season in 2000. Not to go unnoticed, NFL players Reggie Wayne and Santana Moss were on the last Butch Davis Miami squad.

When Davis left the Hurricanes for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, new coach Larry Coker stepped in and the team didn’t miss a beat. The team went undefeated thanks to

  • 23 passing touchdowns from Ken Dorsey.
  • 1200 rushing yards and 11 total touchdowns from Clinton Portis.
  • 10 touchdowns from Andre Johnson.
  • 7 touchdowns from Jeremy Shockey.

This 2001 Hurricanes roster is considered by many to be the greatest college football team ever assembled. In the film, many of the players are still a little bitter about not being able to compete for a national championship in 2000 and losing the 2002 national championship to a questionable pass interference call against Ohio State.

The film also mentioned Miami players to be reckless, hard partiers and loose cannons. While nothing compared to the heavy celebrating 80’s teams (Most of the celebrations and antics were banned because of the Hurricanes), the 2000-2003 teams were dominant, aggressive and confident as well.

The final part of the film talks about the decline of Miami Football. The Hurricanes haven’t had a 10 win season or conference championship since the year before they moved to the ACC from the Big East in 2003. To add to the hurt, in 2011 Miami was in the middle of another scandal. It was revealed that Miami booster and Ponzi scheme artist Nevin Shapiro had giving benefits to student athletes on both the Miami football and basketball teams.

While the football program hasn’t fully recovered from the punishment and embarrassment, the players in the film believe that it will come back someday.

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